What is it? System/65 is a homebrew computer project based on the MOS 65C02 processor, using parts I've scrounged from various non-functional pieces of old computer hardware, as well as parts I've purchased for the project. It's also a learning experience for me, as I go from an architecture-only understanding of computers to learning what makes them tick on an electronic level, and how to go about making them tick. The project began, in the planning stages, in June 2009; the site went up in September, and chronicles the development of the project from then until its completion.

Why the 6502? Because it's an architecture I'm familiar with as well as one I have a lot of nostalgia for (the first computer I owned was a Commodore 64.) Also because quite a lot of the other homebrew computer projects out there are Z80-based, and the world needs a little variety. Why am I building something from scratch instead of using an SBC kit? Because I'm just the kind of person that likes reinventing the wheel.

The site is divided into various sections. The primary thing to watch is the update page, where the development of the system is described, but for those interested, the other pages describe specific aspects of the system.