What is it? This page documents the planning stages of my eventual future attempt at constructing my own CPU out of TTL components. It was inspired by reading about Bill Buzbee's Magic-1 homebrew CPU, my own fascination with all eras of computer technology, and the inherent, undeniable coolness of computers with front panels.

At present, this design is purely in the pre-development stages. I have most of the architectural details worked out, and I have some thoughts towards doing the actual physical implementation, but I'm currently not nearly as good with electronics as I'll need to be to do this. The actual design will progress as I begin to understand more about how this stuff works; the construction will definitely have to wait until some time after System/65 is completed.

Still, feel free to browse around, share your thoughts, and borrow mine (as long as you give me a little credit.) You could probably even beat me to the punch, if you felt like it ;)

The site is divided into various sections. The primary thing to watch is the update page, where the development of the system is described, but for those interested, the other pages describe specific aspects of the system.